Remote Medical Imaging System

Remote Medical Imaging, What's That?

Remote Medical Imaging (RMI)tm, is a system that allows real-time transfer and interpretation of still or full motion medical data such as ultrasounds, CT scans and MRIs. Through a proprietary method, RMI takes results from these machines and immediately transmits them around the corner or around the world, for experts to review. Which means small or remote medical facilities can have the same expert consultation as large instutions, without astronomical investment.

How does it work?

The Remote Medical Imaging looks and acts like a regular PC, right down to its graphical user interface, and connects to any ultrasound, CT scanner, or MRI. One RMI unit resides at the source end, while another recieving unit is located elsewhere. RMI takes the test data and compresses at a variable ratio of up to 40:1, transmits it over existing telephone networks, and then reconstructs the images at the recieving end with no discernible loss of clarity, accuracy, or integrity. The information can then be viewed immediately, or archived for future reference. These steps of compression and decompression are what allow the complicated images to be transferred over existing telecommunications networks.

What Can it Do For Me?

Remote Medical Imaging can mean substantial savings of time and money for any medical provider. In a life-threatening situation where minutes can make the difference, RMI gets test results to a specialist faster than he or she can respond to a page, or make it to a different floor. When a second opinion is needed, it's only an RMI call away and can be handled while the patient is still in the facility. Small, or remote health care facilities can get expert opinions in minutes, rather than days, while avoiding the risk of lost data. Teaching hospitals can conduct live, real-time surgical demonstrations for students across the country. And all instutions regardless of size, can maximize current investments in diagnostic, archival and accounting equipment.

Why Choose InfoMedia's Remote Medical Imaging?

The strenght of Infomedia's Remote Medical Imaging System is its quality. No other medical data transmitting system can surpass it in speed of transmission, or accuracy of data recieved. And no other device can match RMI's low cost. But that's not all. Because RMI was designed to be a single unit solution, it can handle additional tasks such as video-conferencing, report generation, even e-mail with ease. And because it's portable, RMI can be moved from location to location, saving on multiple purchases. Furthermore it's compatible with most major computer platforms, so no major reconfiguration of current systems is required.



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