We develop financial ERP systems which streamline corporate financial operations ranging from stock brokerage transaction and commission systems to dynamic content management systems and even global currency exchange systems. Below are just a few examples of our work.

Examples -

Banking Industry

InfoMedia consolidated our client's business processes for developing and distributing legal financial forms into a Dynamic Document Assembly Module. We developed the system using an XML web based Content Management System for universal access. Once implemented and integrated into their existing ERP system, this new system allowed the legal authors to build customized legal content that met customer specific banking requirements. This Single Source Initiative (SSI) Project has achieved a reduction of an Application Development staff of 200 down to 10 with an annual savings over $10 million.

Investment Industry

Successfully designed, developed and implemented a stock brokerage transaction and commission system. This system tracked the institutional brokerage firm's activity and allowed the company to monitor the performance of the individual brokers, traders and clients. Using an EDI interface, this back office system loaded the daily transactions to the corporate office where trend analysis reports were developed in order to identify which sectors had the greatest performance.

Leasing Industry

Designed and developed a Journal Entry Reporting System that served as the integral point between two separate systems environments. This newly developed system extracts data from the company's existying systems and then sends the appropriate data to the corporate datawarehouse. The results from this improvement has reduced preparation time for reports and data from 25 man days/month to 1 man day/month.

International Banking

Developed and implement a Currency Conversion System to serve the company's corporate office in processing all of their foreign transactions. Project was completed 3 months ahead of schedule and 20% under the budgeted amount.



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