InfoMedia offers a wide range of IT consulting services ranging from long term strategy planning to system conversions. We have consulted Fortune 500 companies for years in the following areas.

Project Management
We provide our clients with soup to nuts coverage when dealing with IT Project management. We make ourselves responsible for successful completion of project on time under budget and ahead of schedule.

Business Analysis
Our team of business analysts use their hundreds of years of experience in understanding your business and helping you streamlining your process, from a process, information system and business integration point of view.

When dealing with off-the-shelf ERP systems, more often than not it is essential to tailor that system specifically to your business' needs. We can help you build your investment to be as effective as possible.

Hardware Installation
When it comes to hardware we have you covered. We are proficient in the full spectrum of hardware configurations, back-up systems, disaster recovery, multi-platform integration, and much more.

Requirements Analysis
With hundreds of years of experience under our belts, Infomedia's analysts will identify all your business requirements through gap analysis, learn your business processes, study your proposed process, and do what it takes to get your business from A to B.

System Support
Once your system is up and running we are here to support and maintain that system to ensure consistent efficiency and functionality.

Data Warehousing & Report Writing
We help your company design effective data warehouse tools that will effectively utilize and control your business taking into account the requirements that are necessary in a global business environment. We have experience linking disparate systems, languages, and standards to consolidate your data into a single source which creates easy analysis and report writing for your business.

Database Design
Let us help you develop an efficient database that will allow your business to maintain the information and systems that make you a successful enterprise. In addition, we can help provide bolt-on data structures that allow you the benefits of using a generic application, but still have the customized solutions that you require.

Data Mining
We help our customers access their information in a secured fashion that allows them to perform the statistical and business analysis that allows their management to make the right decisions.

Product Development
With our experience in many industries, utilize this knowledge to help your company provide the best possible products there are.

Systems Integration
Our solution to providing successful system integration projects is to produce a system architecture overview that will identifies your current system footprint. From here, we identify, control and integrate all systems to maintain data integrity.

QA Testing
We identify all test cases required as well as document an efficient test process and corrective action plan. As part of this we take into account the user interface to make user friendly.

We prepare your data to effectively migrate to your information into your new application. For customer with data issues, we help resolve and capture the missing information to insure the effectiveness of your business investment.

Our team of experts are familiar with all of the latest technologies, systems, and processes. We have in depth knowledge of older systems as well and readily integrate new with old. Here is just a brief list of the systems, languages, and hardware we work with:

Operating Systems

  • UnixAIX
  • UNIX Solaris
  • DOS
  • Windows 95 98 NT
  • Novell Netware
  • MVS
  • VM


  • Progress
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • IDMS


  • Progress (CHUI GUI)
  • SQL
  • Crystal Reports
  • C++
  • SAS
  • REXX
  • CICS
  • JCL
  • MIMS
  • Pascal
  • Atutate
  • Webspeed
  • X-shell, B-shell, C-shell



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InfoMedia offers a wide range of XML services:



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